Brüel and Kjær

"ScanPeople has helped us recruit temporary staff for our production during periods of peak load and in some cases, those vacancies have led to permanent job offerings.

ScanPeople are good at asking for what skills are needed and they subsequently send us a handful of resumes from suitable candidates, based on the previous dialogue. 

The response time from when we have placed an inquiry until we receive the first candidates is merely a few days, which in turn means that we can very quickly adapt and initiate production of specific orders.

The follow-up on the temps' attendance as well as how they have settled in, in our production is top notch - and at the same time, they always ask whether the inquiry has been covered or if we should need more help.

ScanPeople are also good at getting by for a visit at least once a year to maintain personal contact and to talk about new opportunities for collaboration in other fields of discipline."

Production Manager
Allan Hede Alstrup