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Settlements of employees is often a difficult and unpleasant process for all parties involved.

When your company, for one reason or another, is faced with terminating one or more of your employees it is important as an employer to show social responsibility.

Scan Outplacement offers peace of mind and helps your company’s terminated employees move on with their respective careers in a proper manner.

With an Outplacement program, you, as an employer, take responsibility in ensuring that former employees move on with their professional life with their self-confidence intact and with the strength to be positive and forward-looking.

We offer to handle the entire Outplacement process or parts of it, and always tailored to your needs and requirements.


We offer:

  • Professional career counseling.
  • Uncovering of the employee’s personal and professional skills.
  • Personal profiling.
  • Assistance in writing résumé and applications.
  • Counseling on job interviews.
  • Review of possible job portals.
  • Selection of potential companies.
  • Networking assistance.
  • Continues e-mail and phone counseling.


Benefits from Scan Outplacement:

  • Employee’s sense of security is considerably improved.
  • Your company’s reputation and image are strengthened.
  • Your company and employee maintain a positive dialogue.
  • The employee’s career opportunities are strengthened.


Contact us today and let us organize the perfect Outplacement program for your company.