Scan Temp – flexible temp-solutions

ScanPeople tilbyder vikar, rekruttering

ScanPeople offers flexible temporary agency assistance of the highest quality. In times with peak loads, leave, holidays, time-limited projects, sickness, etc. there may be a need to quickly and efficiently find a temporary solution.

ScanPeople guarantees you the necessary manpower when the need occurs.


We offer:

  • Day-to-day temp-solutions.
  • Temporary assistance that extends over a long period of time in connection with, for example, maternity leave or time-limited projects.
  • Temporary assistance of longer duration.


 Benefits of ScanPeoples Temp-solutions:

  • Your company can adapt to current employment needs in short notice.
  • You only pay pr. effective man hour and with a short notice of possible termination of employment.
  • You save time.
  • ScanPeople ensures quality through a careful selection of our temps, and you have the option to choose whether you want to interview the candidates or leave the entire process in our capable hands.
  • As the employer, ScanPeople handles all administration including pay, ATP, pay during holidays and during periods of sickness, G-days, etc.
  • If it, in the unlikely event, happens that our candidate does not live up to your expectations, it is possible to replace the temp with another, within short notice.
  • If you have a continuous or cyclical need for assistance, we will do our best to send the same candidates.


If your company and our candidate agree on permanent employment, it is possible to hire at no additional cost to your firm after just 13 weeks /481 hours. If you wish to hire our candidate before the 13 weeks have passed, your company must pay a proportionate fee based on how many hours left.

Contact us today and let us together figure out how we can help you find flexible and qualified personnel.