Scan Interim Management – specialist and management assistance

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Interim Management is business development and temporary assistance at the management and/or specialist level. Through our extensive database and wide-ranging network of highly qualified managers and specialist, we can deliver the exact skill and aptitude that your company needs.

During times of, for example, peak loads, illness, leave, the out-phasing of a department, extra need for certain specialist competencies, etc. Interim Management can be of great advantage to your company.

Unlike the struggles of a permanent hire, your company will not have to spend precious time on long-term employment procedures. ScanPeople provides that right candidate with the proper qualifications, who can join on short notice.

You can hire an Interim Manager/Consultant with the required core competencies for a limited period of time who can, from day one, solve whatever your company needs.


Benefits from Interim Management:

  • Your company can obtain the exact competence needed within the desired time span.
  • The Interim Manager/Consultant has been carefully selected and possesses documented qualifications.
  • The Interim Manager/Consultant works with great efficiency and professionalism from day one.
  • The Interim Manager/Consultant focuses solely on solving the problem at hand.
  • You only pay by effective hours and the hire is time limited.
  • As the employer, ScanPeople handles all administration including pay, ATP, pay during holidays and during periods of sickness, G-days, etc.


When the employment ends and the task has been completed, your company has no further obligations to ScanPeople or our Interim Manager/Consultant.

Contact us today and let us together figure out how we can help you find flexible and qualified personnel.