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ScanPeople tilbyder search, specialist rekruttering

Search and headhunting differs from the normal recruitment process. It has great advantages in cases where you have a specific profile in mind and a limited number of qualified candidates on the market, or when direct and personal contact with potential candidates is required if the candidates in mind are not actively seeking the job but might be tempted by the right offer.

ScanPeople guarantees your company a professional recruitment process for the best candidates on the market. This is achieved based on a thorough analysis of the job, your company and the potential candidates.

We can handle the entire search and headhunting process, parts of it or combine search and headhunting with recruitment.


ScanPeople offers:

  • To ensure that the search and headhunting process takes place discreetly and anonymously.
  • To conduct direct search and headhunting, but also to operate through our databases, professional and social networks as well as external résumé databases – all through our extensive market knowledge.
  • To contact potential candidates and interviewing them at the beginning in the search and headhunting process.
  • To convene qualified and motivated candidates for a personal interview.
  • To obtain references, to give refusals, etc.
  • To ensure that your company only receives résumé, application and a written presentation of the best-qualified candidates on the market.
  • To prepare profile analyzes on selected candidates.
  • To assist in conducting interviews between your company and the potential candidates.

– and as a professional sparring partner, ScanPeople will continuously monitor the process and collaboration.


ScanPeople will always adjust the search and headhunting process to your wishes and needs. Based on an open and honest dialogue we will come up with the perfect match so that we can effectively target the right candidates.

This is done through a quality and ethically correct search and headhunting process, where both your company and the possible candidates are treated with professionalism and respect.

Contact us today and let us construct the optimal search and headhunting process for your company.