Scan Try & Hire – temp workers for permanent employment

ScanPeople tilbyder Try/hire.

A Try & Hire solution allows the company and the candidate to get to know each other in a temporary vacancy with an option to subsequently employ the candidate permanently. The new employee starts in a temporary position typically spanning 13 weeks/481 hours.

We guarantee that our candidates possess the right qualifications and are interested in becoming part of your company. By choosing a Try & Hire solution rather than a regular Scan Temp, we ensure that the candidate has the prerequisites and is prepared for permanent employment.


Benefits from Scan Try & Hire:

  • You only pay pr. effective man hour during the Try & Hire period.
  • Short notice of employment termination, if desired. 
  • You save time.
  • ScanPeople ensures quality through a careful selection of our temps,
  • ScanPeople handles the recruitment process so you can focus on your company's operations and earnings.
  • As the employer, ScanPeople handles all administration including pay, ATP, pay during holidays and during periods of sickness, G-days, etc.
  • If it, in the unlikely event, happens that our candidate does not live up to your expectations, it is possible to replace the temp with another, within short notice.


If your company and our candidate agree on permanent employment, it is possible to hire at no additional cost to your firm after just 13 weeks /481 hours.

If you wish to hire our candidate before the 13 weeks have passed, your company must pay a proportionate fee based on how many hours left.

Contact us today and let us together figure out how we can help you find flexible and qualified personnel.