”ScanPeople has both the will and the ability to understand our needs during recruitment.

We use ScanPeople and we have experienced the collaboration to be very satisfying.

The quality is extraordinary and the employees are dedicated and motivated – this often means, that we subsequently hire the temporaries when we have vacancies to offer.

We have experienced a great deal of flexibility and willingness from ScanPeople to solve the tasks as quick and efficient as possible, and they are exceptional at following up until the task is completed.” 

HR Director - Ewa Öberg


Continental Dæk Danmark A/S

"ScanPeople has been extremely professional in their approach to our needs and they have not disappointed.
They have been able to find the perfect temp for our team, which suits our company on both a professional and personal level.
We cannot recommend ScanPeople enough."

Customer Service: Team Leader - Robert Hinz Kauffmann


Leica Geosystems A/S

"We use ScanPeople for our recruitment. I have been working with ScanPeople for a number of years. Both here in Leica Geosystems and in my previous job. The communication with ScanPeople has always been easy and their focus is on us as the customer.

It is clear to me that ScanPeople works the tasks with complete professionalism and always delivers good candidates. I can definitely recommend ScanPeople to others."

CEO; MD - Henrik Wiese


Dräger Norge AS

"We have been working with ScanPeople for several years and have recruited many good sales personnel and marketers through them.

ScanPeople knows Dräger well and we feel confident that both we as a firm and the candidates get a professional experience.

ScanPeople are quick and excellent to follow up, both during and after the recruitment is finished.

We highly recommend ScanPeople."

HR-Generalist Norway and Denmark - Angela Solbakke


Scanbur A/S

”We have for many years had a close and very constructive collaboration with ScanPeople regarding the hiring of temps and recruiting staff for various positions.

We have a number of good examples of where ScanPeople has been quick to find qualified candidates for the positions in question, which in turn has enabled us to complete the entire recruitment process extremely quick.

It is in our experience that ScanPeople always procures high-quality candidates, which fits our firm both professionally and personality wise.

We are extremely happy with the collaboration with ScanPeople and they are our preferred recruitment company.”

COO - Jens Chr. Pedersen


Brüel and Kjær

"ScanPeople has helped us recruit temporary staff for our production during periods of peak load and in some cases, those vacancies have led to permanent job offerings.

ScanPeople are good at asking for what skills are needed and they subsequently send us a handful of resumes from suitable candidates, based on the previous dialogue. 

The response time from when we have placed an inquiry until we receive the first candidates is merely a few days, which in turn means that we can very quickly adapt and initiate production of specific orders.

The follow-up on the temps' attendance as well as how they have settled in, in our production is top notch - and at the same time, they always ask whether the inquiry has been covered or if we should need more help. ScanPeople are also good at getting by for a visit at least once a year to maintain personal contact and to talk about new opportunities for collaboration in other fields of discipline."

Production Manager - Allan Hede Alstrup


Fritz Schur Technical Group

”Over the past few years, we have worked with ScanPeople concerning recruiting staff – both permanent and temporary.

ScanPeople focuses on understanding our needs and our culture so that they can deliver candidates with sufficient professional background, experience, and the right personality.

Everyone you meet at ScanPeople welcomes you with a kind heart and handles your inquiries with professionalism. They respond fast and they follow up on everything.

Our experience is that ScanPeople delivers high-quality temps; temps that fit our needs, both as a professional and as a person.

We are very satisfied with our partnership  and we would highly recommend ScanPeople.”

HR-Consultant - Dorte Kryger Jensen


Jumo Måle- og Reguleringsteknik A/S

”We have used the services of ScanPeople for the past two years when we have had to find new candidates for JUMO.

We have been happy to use ScanPeople, as they have familiarized themselves with our core values and the culture of our company, and thus have been able to find the right candidates that fit within JUMO.

During the processes, there has been a good, honest and constructive dialogue as well as weekly feedback, which sped us to our common goals, and thereby achieved great success in finding the right candidates.”

Country Manager - Lars Flygenring


Dameca A/S

"We have used ScanPeople to recruit a temp for our PTA department, during a period of peak load

Our experience is that ScanPeople starts by thoroughly familiarizing themselves with our needs, both in terms of professional competencies and personality traits for the desired task at hand

We have received several documents on a handful of candidates, and in case we need more, they move extremely fast.

It has been a very positive experience that ScanPeople follows up on how everything is - without us having had them in on the phone all the time ”

ME Manager - Ulla Zangenberg



Alfa Laval Copenhagen 

”We use ScanPeople to recruit for our production. The communication with ScanPeople is always easy and they have their focus on us as the customer. Our experience is that they quickly find a suitable candidate and then he/she comes to us for a final interview – from there the recruitment process is quick and painless.

The quality of the temporaries we have is through the roof. This has led to rehires after the temp contracts have expired.

We expect ScanPeople to maintain the high standards and we will continue to use them.”

Produktion Manage - Jacob Hemcker


DISA Industries A/S

After the initial meeting, where I had described my wishes regarding the professional background of the temporary workers and what skills I wanted them to have, I received a comprehensive presentation of all the candidates and an e-mail with attached with all of their resumes. It was extremely competent temps I received in for interviews and their resumes contained references from previous employers. Subsequently, I recruited two of the temporary workers. I will use ScanPeople again if I have to increase the personnel in my department."

Head of Department - Per Heinig


We find ScanPeople to be extremely professional in connection with the recruitment of the right candidates for us. And I am not just talking about the professional qualifications, but also the personal traits so that the candidates can operate in specific teams.

The collaborative routines with ScanPeople results in everything running smoothly, and we are assured that the contractual conditions are in order. "

Operations Manager - Morten Bandholtz



"Konsulenterne hos ScanPeople har en god indlevelsesevne i hvilke personkarakterer vi ønsker at vores vikarer har.

De er handlekraftige og sikrer en hurtig levering af akut vikarbehov.

Rigtig fin opfølgning på om vikaren er rigtig i forhold til opgaven."

Teamleder - Helle Fritz


C & H System

"We have used ScanPeople a couple of times in connection with hiring a new Automation Engineer and a Technical Designer / Documentation Specialist for our company. ScanPeople was responsible for advertising, first screening, and an interview, after which we were presented with a few selected candidates, from which we could continue.

ScanPeople has in every context acted professionally and our profit from this partnership has been two skilled employees who fit professionally into our company, but who have also proved to be just the right match on a personal level."

Manager Automation Department - Kim Bjerg Hansen



Philips Lighting

"We have used ScanPeople to help recruit temporary staff for our production. From the get-go, ScanPeople has been a reliable and trustworthy business partner. They always handle the task very seriously and they naturally follow up on the course of things. It is not something we have experienced in the same way with other temporary agencies.

It is clear to us that ScanPeople has a finger on the pulse and has a good knowledge of the industry. It has resulted in several of the temporary workers we have received through ScanPeople getting a permanent job offer with us.

I think it is really good, especially that I receive a phone call every time we get a new temp, to hear whether he has met on time, etc. The other agencies do not do this. This has, of course, led to us coming to know each other really well. It's easy to call to order a temp because ScanPeople already knows who we are. I have gotten many new wonderful employees."

Production Manager - Pernille Kønig Broeders



Danotherm Electric

"We have used ScanPeople to find staff for production, warehouse, entry control and production management.

Every time we have partnered up with ScanPeople, they have in short notice managed to hand pick a number of well-qualified candidates, which we have subsequently had for over for interviews.

In particular, I would like to emphasize the ongoing dialogue we have with ScanPeople throughout the recruitment process, and on the basis of this I must say that it has been a pleasure to use ScanPeople as a recruitment agency."

Production Manager - Steen Jensen