Keim Scandinavia A/S

"Top professional set-up

Super talented and dedicated consultants 

Mutual respect and understanding."

Jeanette Clément - Customer service at Keim Scandinavia


Kaleido Technology A/S

"My experience with ScanPeople has been utter exceptional. As a recent graduate, I have applied for work for a few months and suddenly, one day, I receive a phone call by one of their consultants who has found my resume. The consultant tells me about the job opening and I can sense the person has done his research since I am qualified for the position and it is even within my field of expertise.

At first, I am invited to a job interview with the consultant at ScanPeople and afterward, an interview with the company itself. The consultant was very professional and engaging and they made sure that I was guided and updated throughout the entire process.

After ONLY 3 days I receive a phone call, offering me the job and the entire process has been an extraordinary experience. I cannot recommend ScanPeople enough and should the event arise, I will certainly use them again!"


Mohammedali Basrawi - Employed as a CNC Grinding Operator at Kaleido Technology A/S


Robert Bosch A/S

"I had never used a temp/recruitment agency before. But since I didn't know exactly which direction I wanted to go, I thought it was a great opportunity to try some different fields. And three weeks after applying for a position via ScanPeople, I was offered a 3-month vacancy at Bosch, and after just 5 weeks I was offered 12 months extension ... So they were spot-on, in the first attempt. A big thank you to ScanPeople and their consultants. I would like to use them again if it becomes relevant. "

Sven Nyborg Andersen - Gardening tools technician at Robert Bosch A/S


Getinge Danmark A/S

"I have been very satisfied with my interview with ScanPeople. It was a quick and efficient process in my search for a new job. They made sure that my professional qualifications and desires matched the job I ended up getting. I would not hesitate to use ScanPeople again."

Christian Høy - Service technician at Getinge Danmark A/S



"My experience with dedicated and serious consultants, combined with a job offer as a temp for a company that was well organized and accommodating, made sure I returned to ScanPeople due to an involuntary new unemployment period.

As a temporary production employee for ScanPeople now two rounds, I can therefore highly recommend other unemployed to benefit from ScanPeople's expertise as a temporary agency.

I have been offered a job as a temporary production employee twice, due to the help from ScanPeople. I can highly recommend other job seekers to draw benefit from ScanPeople's expertise as a temp agency. 


You are as a temp at ScanPeople, ensured orderly conditions both in terms of salary, pension, an always available contact person and work in companies that take care of you.

Thank you for a great working experience - I will be sure to return if I one day become unemployed again."

Sussie Mansa Vilhelmsen - ScanPeople temp, Mechanical assembly at Copham SATCOM


Fritz Schur Energy A/S

"ScanPeople = Professional, Passionated, Polite.

The best of recommendations to future candidates, try them ... they are excellent at what they do"

Tina Aagaard - Logistics coordinator at Fritz Schur 


DISA Industries, Norican Group

"I was a candidate for a position as Team Leader in the R&D department at DISA Industries. The competition was fierce and it ended up being another one of ScanPeoples' candidates who got the job. In the wake of the recruitment process, I was offered a job as an Interim Manager through ScanPeople for ad hoc assignment over a period of 3 months which was subsequently extended by 6 months. 

I am currently employed at DISA Industries as an Electrical Engineer specializing in programming the company's PLC and SCADA systems. The collaboration with ScanPeople has been easy. Fast response time and good service. ScanPeople has been committed and empathetic to any inquiry."

Allan Rex Pedersen - Interim Manager / Electro- & Automation Engineer via ScanPeople


Philips Healthcare

"I didn't know anything about ScanPeople when I first encountered them when they were searching for a new employee for one of their customers.

Today I use ScanPeople myself when we need to hire new temporary workers. The collaboration is very professional. Business is fast and efficient, and we are very satisfied with our relationship with ScanPeople "


Michael Lahn Agnsgaard - Interim Manager / Work Manager via ScanPeople


Staples Danmark, RMIG, Skadeservice Danmark and Philips Healthcare

Steen has worked as a temp in the fields of logistics, damage control, production and most recently as a technical purchaser.

"I've several times been in a situation where I looking for a new job, and both times ScanPeople has been a good and serious business partner. It is my experience that they have a large network to draw from, and the process of getting a new job has been fast and without problems when going via ScanPeople "


Steen Ringkjøbing - ScanPeople temp


Danotherm Electric

"I found the job vacancy online and contacted ScanPeople who was responsible for the recruitment. I met with one of ScanPeople's consultants, who in an extremely calm and professional way asked about my personal and my professional qualifications.

It was obvious that they were very thorough in their efforts to find the most suitable candidate. Although there was a lot at stake for me, I felt comfortable the times I was at ScanPeople. There were many pleasant conversations and interviews, and today I think back to the whole process as a really good experience "

Sylvain Daniel Mertinitz - Recruited for a permanent position in the final inspection.