Sissel Kaergaard in her struggle to achieve her sporting goals. The ultimate goal is a full Ironman in 2017

ScanPeople has decided to support a girl named Sissel. Sissel has had a rough time. She had speech problems as a child and had to learn how to make signs where you combine sign language and speech to communicate with others.

In 2005, Sissel got the diagnosis that she was born with a chromosome defect which results in her have learning difficulties. It affects her pronunciation, makes it much more difficult for Sissel to do things and makes her unusually tired especially when she needs to handle several things at once. 

Sissel has already participated in his first half Ironman in 2014. No one could have foreseen that Sissel could ever do this.
Through her triathlon training, Sissel has had some successes she has never had before. Two years ago, Sissel could hardly swim, now she is swimming pretty well.
Sissel's big goal is a full Ironman in 2016.

For Sissel to tell her story is a big step. She has had one defeat after another during her time elementary school but she also felt misplaced in the schools for special needs, as she has felt more well-functioning than many of the others. Sissel would rather be regarded as an ordinary girl like everyone else.

Sissel's plan for 2015 is, among other things, to participate in the World Championship half marathon race, the Hamburg marathon, Zealand across which is a 194 km cycle race, CPH half Ironman, Oeresund and other triathlons.

ScanPeople would like to support this and we have therefore decided to sponsor and support Sissel - We think you are a super cool and tough girl Sissel and look forward to following you and your progress-



Sissel has now completed her first bicycle race and has sent us a little message.

"Hey Brian

Hope everything is fine.
I have now finished my first bike race, the Klampenborg distance is about 85 km, it went well. It was a mega tough route, with lots of hills. I did it with an average pace of 24 km/h in about 3 h. 29 min., along with 2 others from the club. I've taken a little fun picture from the race with the company logo and name.
I am going to Hamburg on Sunday and running the marathon which I am really really excited about because I have been ill, but have recovered and I am in great shape.
I have signed up for Islev triathlon, and will probably send more pictures with the new tri suit that I am looking forward to wearing.
Sissel Kaergaard"


Sissel has now completed her first race this year, the Hamburg marathon, and has sent a small greeting to us here at ScanPeople.

"Hi Brian

I have completed the Hamburg marathon. It didn't go as I expected, but I finished 1 minute faster than my time at the Copenhagen marathon, so now my PB is 4 h. 22 min. and of course, I'm happy to beat my previous best.
The trip and the route was super cool, and I definitely want to go and do the run again.
Regards Sissel"


Sissel has completed a lot of races in the last couple of weeks and has sent a message about her performance.

"Hi Brian
Hope all is well.
I've been to lots of rallies.
17 days after the Hamburg marathon I completed Islev Tri distance, 400 m pool, 34 km cycling and 6 km running. It stormed a lot that day, but I beat my time by 2 minutes compared to last year. I did it in 2 h. 8 min.

It is the 31st of May, two weeks after I finished the bike race Skjoldnaesholm, 145 km. It took some time but I got through all the tough hills, and I had headwind pretty much the entire route, so I have not been lucky with the weather. I finished Skjoldenaesholm in 6 h. 25 min.
Friday the 12th of June, I completed the Oeresund sprint. The sun was shining and it was almost the Danish summer. I was a little tired a day at work, but I completely forgot that when I was out there. The Oeresund sprint distance is a 750 meters swim, 20 km cycling and 5 km running. An incredibly chill event and I finished in 1 h. 32 min.

I am looking forward to cycling with you on Sunday.


During the summer of 2015, Sissel participated in a lot of different races. Unfortunately, there was an accident in the last race in August, when Sissel crashed on her bike and got a concussion.

This accident has meant that Sissel has had to get back on her feet and move her original goal of a full Ironman to 2017.

We have spoken with Sissel, and she is getting better and better every day. She is looking forward and expects to participate in some races in the spring of 2016.

We wish Sissel a good recovery and we are looking forward to following her upcoming races.


Sissel is back at it again, and it is great to see that she has not lost the urge and desire to push herself, and still has every intention to complete the Ironman in 2017.

Sissel's plan for 2016 looks like this:

BT half marathon
Islev triathlon or Farum triathlon
Triathlon on the bull, dm sprint
Girlsround cycling, 112 km cycling
Oeresund half ironman
Aabenraa triathlon
Berlin Marathon


On April 10, 2016, Sissel completed a duathlon in Islev - 5 km run, 24 km cycling, and 5 km run - The first 5 km was finished with an average pace of 4.58 min/km, the fastest 5 km split Sissel has ever run. She finished the bike route in 56 min. Due to the surplus, she had gotten from the performance so far she gave it her all and ran the last 5 km at a pace of 5.31 min/km. It made her overtake some of those she had been overtaken by on the bike ride, which probably helped her push herself. All in all, she completed her first Duathlon in 1 h. 48 min. 38 sec. We at ScanPeople a proud of Sissel.


Sissel is back on her feet after her crash in August 2015. Unfortunately, she was out sick for two months where she had to lay low. She spent time on rehabilitation, taking some small walks and using her exercise bike for 10 min at a time. This eventually allowed her to run 2 km.

Sissel was well in November and began to train again, and after Christmas, she was back to her base condition. She tested her running form at the South Coast half marathon, and by running with a partner, it resulted in a good performance and Sissel beat her personal record, 1 h. and 52 min.


Sissel completed the BT half marathon on May 1st in 1 h. 55 min. Not her personal best, but it was a time she is happy with, as the route had many hills.

The week after the BT half marathon, Sissel got a number for Powerman, 10 km race, 60 km cycling and 10 km running. Sissel was a little nervous about the cycle route, as it was the same route she crashed on back in August, but she did very well. The weather was brilliant on May the 1st, so the last 10 km was tough due to the heat. She completed the cycle route with an average speed of 28.5 km / h, and the entire race was completed in 4 h. 6 min. As she herself says, "a wonderful day in really nice weather!".

Now, her focus on half Ironman on June 26, 2016.


On the 26th of June 2016, Sissel completed a half Ironman in Oeresund. There were many hills and headwinds that made Sissel think it was very tough. During the swim, she got a lot of slaps, struggled through currents, but she came through. They came by on Gels hill twice on the bike route, even professional cyclists think it is a tough stretch, a total of 90 km cycle route. The run was also rough due to many hills and headwinds. Although the whole day was characterized by headwinds and hills, and it was hard, Sissel completed it all in 6 h. 30 min. 45 sec.

She can feel the difference and has become much better since last time. Sissel will relax and enjoy the summer, and prepare for the Berlin marathon in September. 

At the end of September 2016, Sissel completed the Berlin marathon.

She beat her personal record by cutting 20 minutes of her old time. Her record is now 4 h. and 2 min.

It has been a great experience which she would like to try again in a few years.

She is now training for the Ironman.


Sissel is well underway training for her goal - an Ironman.

She aims to train approx. 12-15 hours a week, and participate in various races and rallies.

During Easter 2017, she participated in a race in Naestved, where she had to cycle 120 km, which she thought was great after so many triathlons.

In addition, she participated in a half marathon in Naerum, where she got a new personal record, 1 h. 41 min., the same time it took her to make a duathlon, a 5 km run, 24 km cycling then 5 km. run.



Sissel has completed a triathlon and has therefore decided to buy a new bike, so she is completely fit-for-fight for her Ironman, and future triathlons. 

She has completed a triathlon with Olympic distance in Herlev, and she is pleased with her results.

Olympic Distance Triathlon is:

1500 m swim

40 km cycling

10 km run

All in all, she completed the run in 2 h. 59 min. 6 sec.

Her coach had told her to give everything she had, even though she didn't feel comfortable with the swimming and cycling parts. The swim was because you had to change lanes, and there were many sharp turns on the bike route, but she took up the challenge and did what she could.

Even though she didn't feel comfortable, she thought the swimming went well. She had a good pace and overtook several others. Her time was 38 min 08 sec.

The bike section also went really well. She gave everything she could after she had come to know the route, so the last 3 rounds went bye fast.

She still has a little trouble cycling, but she is improving, and her intervals during training are getting better and better.

The run was at 51 min 59sec. it was tough after the first two disciplines, and she had to give everything left in the tank, but she finished.



Sissel has completed the Kronborg Half Ironman and we have received a small summary from the day.

“Now, Kronborg Half Ironman has been completed in 20-25 degrees Celcius and with a new personal record that is 6 h 00 min. and 28 sec. Yes, I am a bit annoyed by the 30 sec, but it is no biggy since I've cut 30 min of my old time and in this heat nonetheless.

The swimming was a bit difficult, but I pushed myself through the 1,900 min 48 min. and 13 sec.

In t1 the change zone was far, but I sprinted to my bag. Rune and Carol had told me to buy MTB shoes before the event, and I did, so I could run to my bike and overtake a lot. T1 from swim to the bike was 7 min. 41 sec. The cycling went as it should. I knew it was hot during the race, and during the cycling, we got plenty of good winds, turns, and hills, so I remembered to eat and I drank 4 bottles of water and took a salt pill and got some energy.

I cycled the 90 km at 3 h. 3 min 25 sec.

T2 from the bike to the run was fast and I took a gel right away, time 2 min. 59 sec.

During the half marathon, it got very hot and I could feel that I had to use all my energy depots. I ate gel and drank water, if I hadn't, I would have gone flat. I ran it in 1 h. 58 min. 11 sec. I'm just a happy girl right now.

The Ironman is in 2 months and 2 days and I am looking forward to it.

I still follow Carol's plans and at the moment I have a week off for rest, and save some energy for the last hard workouts before the Ironman."


Last new message from Sissel:

"Now there are 4 days until the Ironman. I would never have gotten this far without my sponsor ScanPeople who is the company that has helped me with rallies and training clothes. My goal was Ironman 2016, but I couldn't because of a crash and concussion in 2015. ScanPeople still believed in me and has helped me ever since.

I am happy and honored to bear their name all the way to the finish line!"

We are cheering on you, Sissel! 


Unfortunately, Sissel did not complete her Ironman due to an unfortunate crash on the bike ride and got beaten up so much that she had to go to the emergency room, and therefore could not continue.

We at ScanPeople believe that Sissel will complete eventually. Good recovery Sissel!


Two years ago, in 2017, Sissel crashed on her bike, when she tried to complete an Ironman.

She has been through rehabilitation and worked hard to carry out her dream of calling herself an Ironman.

We are now proud to tell you that Sissel has fulfilled her dream and completed her first Ironman 2019 in 13 hours and 22 minutes!

Sissel’s own words:

2 years ago, I crashed on my bike and went to Herlev Hospital. I’ve fought hard to get back, and I am now able to call myself an Ironman in 13 hours and 22 minutes. I couldn’t have done this without my family, friends or club mates who all helped me through.

ScanPeople is a proud sponsor of Sissel! Well fought back, Sissel!