Goal 12: Responsible consumption & Production

ScanPeople vikar og rekruttering, bæredygtighed, CSR, verdensmål

ScanPeople must have a responsible consumption and recycle as much as possible, to reduce our imprint on the nature and our surroundings.


That every employee understands and lives up to their responsibility in ensuring an healthier earth with respect for ressources and as much recycling of these as possible.



  1. Responsible and informed employees with healthy opportunities for life in the future
  2. A healthier nature and conservation of given ressources 
  3. More recycling and better exploitation / usage of products including better garbage sorting


Areas of action

  • ScanPeople must limit purchases of merchandise and go for sustainable solutions when it comes to amount, production, material, working environment etc.
  • ScanPeople must recycle as much as possible and be aware of any opportunity for donating products.
  • ScanPeople will gladly pay extra for a sustainable solution, for example regarding Co2-emission in production.
  • ScanPeople aims to become as digital as possible, we've already lowered our paper consumption significantly. 
  • When printing we use FSC-certified paper with EU-Ecolabel. We use sustainable manufacturers as much as possible.
  • All computers has the duplex default. This ensure that we take advantage of both sides of the paper and use less paper. If the paper are no longer in use, then we throw it in the paper bin and recycle it. 
  • Scan-consultants plan meetings in the same area at the same time. This way we reduce the amount of transport and time used, and we also lower the fuel consumption.
  • ScanPeople works to optimize our processes towards a more sustainable future. This allows us to both save time and help nature.
  • ScanPeople has a circular and comprehensive garbage sorting, which every employee is aware of, and without doubt reminds the colleagues about. 
  • ScanPeople is proudly part of a er stolt en del af en canteen arrangement, which has a comprehensive sustainability politic. Contact us for more information about this.