Goal 4: Quality education

ScanPeople vikar og rekruttering, bæredygtighed, CSR, verdensmål

ScanPeople must contribute educating people across gender, age, ethnicity etc. Employees must get further education, if it makes sense. Employees and temps must be informed about ScanPeople's sustainability processes.



To promote sustainable development and lifelong learning in and outside our organisation through internal/external education, thorough training of employees and students/trainees in the job and in sustainability.



  1. Motivated employees with improved skills as well as safe and satisfied employees, temps and customers
  2. Preparing unexperienced for the labour market
  3. Maintain a high and always qualified level of service, always being ready for tomorrow's challenges
  4. To secure the future of ScanPeople in a sustainable way, staying competitive


Areas of action

  • ScanPeople is approved for internships – Our goal is, as far as possible to educate one or more interns every year.
  • Interns and new employees must receive thorough and qualified training in the job, in ScanPeople, in IT-systems etc. through agreed procedures, plans and sufficient time set aside by those responsible. The procedures must be followed and evaluated.
  • New employees can be offered relevant courses, as a part of the training in advantage for the the company as well as for clients and candidates. This can contribute to a professional cooperation.
  • Financial support, and support within time and commitment must be given if an employee wish for a course, an education og likewise, which is relevant for the employees skills, position and development in ScanPeople. 
  • Every employees 'basics' in the job must be in place, so that new employees will not repeat bad habits after the training. 
  • Finished assignments, cases and client-/candidate relationships must be evaluated. This will encourage employees to keep doing the good things and learn from the less good things.
  • ScanPeople has to keep improving our Scan school with accessible politics/processes, thorough training of new employees, in new work assignments, new systems, new cases etc.
  • Every employee and temp must be informed about ScanPeoples sustainability plan. Every scan-employee should work based on this plan.