ScanPeople vikar og rekruttering - BæredygtighedWorking for the future – Rising to new levels

At ScanPeople we want to contribute to sustainable development, growth, and results through our work with people.

That is why we have a sustainability strategy with an action plan, which ScanPeople during the next couple of years, will strive to follow in everything we do.

ScanPeople works with sustainable development from a CSR-plan (Corporate Social Responsibility.) Our plan has an environmental, social, and economic focus.


UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals

We use UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a guideline for always developing in a more sustainable direction. We evaluate and document the strategy yearly.

It is the management’s, and organization’s expectation, that the plan will be followed by every single employee and relevant partners. It is the management’s job to encourage and motivate the employees to follow the plan.

As a corporation, we have a huge responsibility in the sustainable development, and we expect that anyone who is connected to ScanPeople, will live up to their personal responsibility. ScanPeople can’t save the world, but if every single one of us puts in just a small effort, then we're headed the right way!


For further information contact:

Head of CSR & Sustainability
Mikkeline Trasbo Kelvis – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


6 Selected goals

ScanPeople is working with each of the 17 goals, and their targets. In addition, we have chosen to focus specifically on 6 goals, where we believe that we can make a difference in our work with people.

Find out how we work with these 6 goals below:



Goal 3: Good health and well-being

ScanPeople vikar og rekruttering verdensmål, bæredygtighed, CSR

ScanPeople wants a healthy existence both mentally and physically for our employees, partners and local community.

Goal 4: Quality education

ScanPeople vikar og rekruttering, bæredygtighed, CSR, verdensmål

ScanPeople must contribute educating people across gender, age, ethnicity etc. Employees must get further education, if it makes sense. Employees and temps must be informed about ScanPeople's sustainability processes.

Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth

ScanPeople vikar og rekruttering, bæredygtighed, CSR, verdensmål

ScanPeople must secure a positive and sustainable growth through process optimization, innovation and new technology as well as offering decent jobs on equal terms. We must live up to our slogan, being the "Perfect match between candidate & client."

Goal 10: Reduced inequality

ScanPeople vikar og rekruttering, bæredygtighed, CSR, verdensmål

ScanPeople must contribute reducing inequality between genders and minorities. We must strengthen the diversity and organization, benefiting of each employee's differences.

Goal 12: Responsible consumption & Production

ScanPeople vikar og rekruttering, bæredygtighed, CSR, verdensmål

ScanPeople must have a responsible consumption and recycle as much as possible, to reduce our imprint on the nature and our surroundings.

Goal 13: Climate action

ScanPeople vikar og rekruttering, bæredygtighed, CSR, verdensmål

Scanpeople must contribute in improving the future climate. we must adapt and invest in green solutions.